Looking back

At my age are the rearview mirror larger than the windshield , I think with a fool’s insistence that it was better before. Here is my list :

Fishing trip 2014:
It must be January 5, 2014 , when i, Lars and Marcus got six nice fish on a short fishing day , all was 70 cm or longer and we had to do all the time.

Sleepingpills 2014 :
A couple of rides to Häröarea where we proved that it is not always easy ( looking forward to revenge over there in the spring ) .

This year’s project :
It will be the job of the Zander boat . We agreed we would do it properly and it was a few hours more than we had estimated . After some adjustments after the first test , it feels like a good boat for the purpose.

Fish of the year:
3 salmon and 1 trout over 7 kg is more than I had ever received in a year, but there are two fish that stands out , one is one of those four , salmon at 8020 grams , which in normal circumstances would have been left in the lake but with a big portion of luck i finally managed to landed the fish. The other is a wild i got during May, i was pretty sure it was a fish of really big caliber, when it finally landed was at approximately 80-85 cm , what a fight, me like .



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